If you find these plugins useful, if you want to help me to develop some others, don't hesitate make me a donation.

     Due to the apparition of the JDT Commons, several plugins have been recompiled (with few enhancements) :
  • Eclipse Tail
  • TCP Tunnel Monitor
  • Zip Plugin
Download it NOW !!

     This plugin provides common codes for the JDT plugins. In this way the plugins are less heavy to download. Download it once, it will be used by the other ones.

     This plugin provides you the ability to tunnel socket fluxes and listen them.

     This plugin provides links in popup and normal menus, permits you to compress everykind of folder into a zip archive file.

     This plugin provides a color wheel for designs and so on ...

     Another Eclipse game, enjoy it.

     Eclipse SSH Console, Eclipse Tail and SCP Links have been released to permit a minor modification to appear : Now the passwords are hidden under * characters.

     This new plugin in development permits us to connect with multiple windows to many ssh servers at the same time.
For the moment it's not perfect, there is still some problems with carriage returns and so on ...

     New Look of the site grouping all plugins developped by JordiMcLeod

     This plugin has been broken in two parts and gained a new graphic interface.
You can now see the state of channels or private messages if you are not in, you can also see the notice messages as private messages.